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A translated version of the de:Wikipedia:Autobahnbox template. For detailed instructions on usage, see article on de:, a translation to English is currently in the works.

The template uses coloured icons and currently consists of the following sub-templates:


Template:BAB-AS  : Junction
Template:BAB-Baustein-Hinweis  : Autobahn infobox tag
Template:BAB-Kreuz  : Motorway cross
Template:BAB-Kreuz2  : Motorway cross (two motorways)
Template:BAB-Kreuz-  : Motorway cross (without "Kreuz")
Template:BAB-Kreuz2-  : Motorway cross (two motorways – without "Kreuz")
Template:BAB-Dreieck  : 3-way motorway interchange
Template:BAB-Dreieck-  : 3-way motorway interchange (without "Dreieck")
Template:BAB-Rast  : Rest stop with petrol station
Template:BAB-Rast-  : Rest stop without petrol station
Template:BAB-Parkplatz  : Car park
Template:BAB-Parkplatz-WC  : Car park with WC
Template:BAB-Kirche  : Church
Template:BAB-Tank  : Petrol station
Template:BAB-Tunnel  : Tunnel
Template:BAB-Grenze  : Border crossing
Template:BAB-EUGrenze  : EU border crossing
Template:BAB-A  : Link Autobahn
Template:BAB-AE  : Link Autobahn/E-road
Template:BAB-B  : Link Bundesstraße
Template:BAB-header  : Table header (white on blue)
Template:BAB-table  : Table of junctions
Template:BAB-Fluss  : River crossing
Template:BAB-Vignette  : Vignette is needed for use of motorways