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  1. The British Isles are Great Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Orkney, Shetland, the Hebrides, all of the smaller islands within the coastal waters of these larger islands and, by tradition, the Channel Islands. Use on Wikipedia may or may not include the Channel Islands.
  2. Use of British Isles is not prescribed in any context (i.e. there is no context in which British Isles must be used).
  3. British Isles is a geographical term; use in political contexts and listing the British Isles alongside political entities should be avoided.*
  4. In articles that list regions: if the content lists states then list states, if the content lists geographical units then list geographical units. Don't mix one with the other.
  5. Editors should not add, remove or change use of British Isles (or another turn of phrase) in an established article without first gaining consensus on the relevant talk page.
  6. Greater consideration should be given before adding British Isles to an article that relates primarily to the Republic of Ireland or to the island of Ireland (including their geographic features) except where the article relates more particularly to Northern Ireland.
  7. Turns of phrase that impart the same information can be used where appropriate and where there is consensus on relevant talk pages.
  8. The use of other turns of phrase is not preferred over British Isles on Wikipedia. (See Wikipedia is not censored.)

Systematic addition or removal of British Isles to content, or edit warring over it, may result in a topic ban.§


* The distinction between political and geographic contexts is not always self-evident. Use common sense and assume good faith.
Silence and BRD are appropriate means to determine consensus in most cases.
Other turns of phrase not are considered identical in meaning by all editors. Their appropriateness in any given context may depend on what is "acceptable" by consensus on the relevant talk page.
§ Editors found in breach of this sanction will be listed at the British Isles Probation Log

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