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Current Local City Time (CLCT)
Current City Time (CCT)
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The aim of the Current Local City Time (CLCT) WikiProject is to insert the current date and time corresponding to a location. The geographical location should be a city within an already existing Wikipedia article. Due to the electronic nature of Wikipedia we are capable of formatting, in the most efficient way possible, the exact time at a given location. Policies and guidelines should work to support this aim.


This idea originated while reformatting my talk page. It was inspired by WP:WikiProject Time and User:Xilar. In January 2007, a trial run began with the article Ottawa. Time Zones are diverse throughout the entire world, maybe sub-consciously the fact that my friend just left for a trip to England, London may have influenced my iniative towards this project. Now, however, we need to work together to implement a plan. We must figure out what is the best way to add the current city time to all city articles.


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If you wish to actively participate in this project and receive occasional messages on your talk page, concerning this project, please place this template on your user page or in your babel-bar:

{{User wikipedia/WikiProject Current Local City Time}}

Suggestions: What to do[edit]

1 - we need to make a template based on the Ottawa article. (note: it even uses a reference to conform to the article), prototype complete: Some issues still exist regarding programming and references.

2 - we need to make a list of articles which we have successfully added the time stamp

  • perhaps a new temporary category should be included in the template
  • add a link to that new category from this page.

3 - Check [[Category:Cities by country]] and see if we can't make a program to send a message to every one of those article's talk page. Users would see the message and could add the time themselves. (This is above my capabilities)

4 - Maybe we can take advantage of the geographical coordinates that appear at the top of some of these articles some how? (

Categorize cities in UTC[edit]

  • Find more existing city templates and add the UTC code. so the cities are categorized


See also - Important resources for this project[edit]