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Access or apply for this resource → is an online web portal of scholarly materials in the humanities and social sciences. Much of the collection is in French, but it also includes an English-language international interface to facilitate use by non-francophones. Primary research areas include communications, economics, education, geography, history, literature, linguistics, philosophy, political science, law, psychology, sociology, and cultural studies. See the French- and English-language pages for more information.

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Example citation

{{cite journal|author1=Martinus Buekers |author2=Pascal Borry |author3=Paul Rowe |title= Talent in sports: Some reflections about the search for future champions|url=|journal=Movement & Sport Sciences|year=2015|volume=88|issue=2|pages=3–12}} {{Subscription needed|via=[[]]}}
  • Martinus Buekers; Pascal Borry; Paul Rowe (2015). "Talent in sports: Some reflections about the search for future champions". Movement & Sport Sciences. 88 (2): 3–12.  – via (subscription required)