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Wikipedia's formal policy on child protection is Wikipedia:Child protection. There is also advice for parents. This 'project space' area is intended to provide a workshop and sandbox to develop ideas, answer questions, and offer some proposals in this area.


In respect of 'on wiki' behaviour[edit]

  • How should the revelation of personal information by children on Wikipedia be handled?
  • How should interaction between adult and child contributors that appears inappropriate be handled?
  • Should child contributors be formally identified as such, privately or publicly, to facilitate protection?

The 'off wiki' world[edit]

  • Should general guidelines for 'real world' meetups be discussed / implemented?
  • Do any Meetups occur at private residences?
  • Is there any generally accepted practice in regard to minors at Meetups?

In general terms[edit]

  • Should Wikipedia provide means for parents/guardians to restrict the type of Wikipedia content viewable and/or editable by children?
  • What might we learn from other communities on the issue of child protection?

Previous proposals / essays[edit]