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This page lists some tasks to get you started with Communicate OER. Thank you for your interest!

Joining the project[edit]

Welcome! We think you'll like it here. These five simple steps are essential to joining the Communicate OER project. Please let us know (on the "Talk" tab, above) when you've completed them!

Getting to work[edit]

  • Explore all the tabs above, to get a feel for how the project is structured. Please leave any comments, questions, or suggestions on the Communicate OER talk page tab.
  • Help us refine our list of Wikipedia articles to work on. Click the "Content" tab above, and get started on any relevant Wikipedia articles!
  • Do you know of important published works (peer reviewed research, etc.) relevant to OER, that would make good source material for improving Wikipedia articles? Please add links or information to the "Resources" tab above.
  • Is there an area you know particularly well, or that interests you? Please review a relevant Wikipedia article, to get discussion going on how to improve it! Simple instructions here: WP:Communicate OER Article Review
  • Check back here regularly for further suggestions.

And then?[edit]

Thank you for your contributions.