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Community enforced administrator recall is the process by which the community can choose to recall a user's administrator status when the admin tools have been abused or the user no-longer has the communities trust. The process should not be used to to air minor grievances and attempts should be made at other forms of dispute resolution but users are enforcibly recalled.


  1. Any user that has over 500 edits and 3 months service on wikipedia may request community enforced recall. Requests are made at Wikipedia:Requests for community enforced administrator recall.
  2. After a user has requested enforced recall, there is a 7 day period of discussion about the administrators actions. This period is a time to reflect so that further action is not taken in haste. All sides are expected to discuss both strengths and weaknesses of the administrator in question. During this time, five other users (with over 500 edits and 3 months of service) must endorse the needs to community enforced recall.
  3. If five users endorse the need to recall with the seven day period, a seven day vote is then initiated. All community members are invited to vote. There are two sections to the vote; support recall and oppose recall. Users that wish the administrator to be recalled sign under support recall and users that do not wish the administrator to be recalled sign under the oppose recall section. There must be a 75% support in favour of recall for the administrator to be desysopped.
  4. After the seven day vote, a bureaucrat closes the vote. If the 75% threshold in sort of recall is met, the bureaucrat posts to Meta:Requests for permissions asking for the user to be desysopped. If the vote is under the 75% threshold, no further action is taken.

Further details[edit]

  • An administrator may only face one community recall request in any three month period.
  • Any successful community recall may be appealed to the arbitration committee.
  • The process does not affect arbitration committee desysoppings or emergency desysoppings which will be enacted in the same way as they are at present.
  • Any user which is community desysopped is able to apply again via the requests for adminship process to have their sysop tools back.
  • As part of their evaluation, the closing bureaucrat will take into account the possibility of collective action by groups of editors with which the administrator has had dealings. An administrator will have some leeway to challenge the assumption of good faith on the part of these editors if there is some reason to suspect collective action.

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