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Contribution Month in Canada
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Meet local Wikipedians!

During the month of April, 2013 Wikimedia Canada will host its first Contribution Month where contribution events will be organised in different locations across Canada. The goal is to initiate visitors in contributing to Wikipedia and bring existing editors together.

Contribution days are activities where Wikipedia's contributors, students, or anybody interested in contributing to Wikipedia meet up to collectively improve a predetermined theme. These meetings generally take place in a library where references are easy to access, but can be organised in any public community space. We hope you will join us in bringing the Wikipedia community together.

Tele-presence (participating in the contribution days from any location) online is also possible if there is interest through our IRC channel #wikimedia-ca (webchat).

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Journée contributive du projet Québec - Université Laval - 2012-02-18 - 90.JPG
Contribution Day at Université Laval