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As Wikipedia has grown, thousands of templates have been created. Some of these have been superseded by newer templates and others have simply been orphaned. Listing all unused templates at Templates for discussion would unnecessarily burden that process. Instead, this page has been established to coordinate efforts to maintain the template namespace by removing unneeded templates in an orderly and systematic manner.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. This page is only for templates that unquestionably qualify for speedy deletion under criterion G6 (uncontroversial housekeeping).
  2. This page is not a deletion process; it is simply a way to aggregate templates that can be deleted.
  3. 'What links here' cannot be trusted, users may be substituting the template when they use it.


  1. Add {{db-deprecated|~~~~~}} to the deprecated template; this will list it in the section #Templates just marked for deletion. Be sure that you do not place the code inside of a set of <noinclude> tags. Consider notifying the original author of the template that it has been marked for deletion with {{uw-deprecated|Template:template name}}.
  2. If after two weeks there has been no objection, and the template meets one of the criteria for speedy deletion, it will automatically appear in section #Templates ready to be deleted, and you can delete it.


  1. Stub templates, including stub redirects, are outside the scope of this page. With stub templates, there is a separate use for "deprecated" templates which is similar to the use of soft redirects with categories. A stub template which is no longer officially used, due to ambiguity, may be kept with a text message explaining which stub types may be more approriate. These stub types are regularly checked and cleared by stub sorters. These templates should be marked with {{deprecated stub}} rather than {{deprecated template}}.

Templates just marked for deletion[edit]

Do not delete these yet! Wait until they appear in the next section!

Templates ready to be deleted[edit]