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The Deputy logo: a magnifying glass with the copyright "C" symbol at the center of its lens.
A screenshot of the Deputy's contributor copyright investigations interface, activated on Wikipedia:Contributor copyright investigations/Ruigeroeland.
StatusPublic beta
First releasedSeptember 30, 2022; 11 months ago (2022-09-30)
UpdatedSeptember 12, 2023; 8 days ago (2023-09-12)
Browser supportbrowserslist: >0.05% and supports fetch and not dead
Skin supportTested on Vector (2010 and 2022), report issues on talk page

Deputy is a contributor copyright investigation (CCI) and copyright cleanup assistance tool for Wikipedia. Its goal is to streamline the workflow for copyright violation cleanup, making it easier to process and go through CCI cases and other copyright-related work. It does not (yet) provide a tutorial or guided experience, so you must either have prior knowledge of dealing with copyright violations or be willing to learn how to deal with copyright violations before using Deputy.

Deputy is first and foremost a CCI workflow script. It has secondary modules that are also useful in copyright cleanup, which are bundled together with the main Deputy script. They can also be loaded standalone, see the § Installation section for more info. For more information about these modules, see the individual pages for Attribution Notice Template Editor and Infringement Assistant.


If you have a script installer enabled, an Install button should be available in the infobox above. You may also visit the script's source page to install the script, using the "Install" link provided at the top of the page.

The following details the manual installation of the script, in the event that you prefer to install scripts manually or do not have a script installer enabled.


Deputy can be installed as an all-in-one package. This is the suggested method of installation if you plan to perform a significant amount of work in copyright cleanup-related spaces.

To install the script, insert the following code into your common.js file or other skin-specific JavaScript file.

mw.loader.load( '/w/index.php?title=User:Chlod/Scripts/Deputy.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript' ); // Backlink: [[User:Chlod/Scripts/Deputy.js]]

Module standalone[edit]

Attribution Notice Template Editor[edit]

You may choose to install just the Attribution Notice Template Editor, in case you work exclusively in page merge/split/copy attribution. To install the script, insert the following code into your common.js file or other skin-specific JavaScript file.

mw.loader.load( '/w/index.php?title=User:Chlod/Scripts/Deputy/AttributionNoticeTemplateEditor.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript' ); // Backlink: [[User:Chlod/Scripts/Deputy/AttributionNoticeTemplateEditor.js]]

Infringement Assistant[edit]

You may choose to install just the Infringement Assistant, in case you focus more on Wikipedia:Copyright problems reporting and clerking. To install the script, insert the following code into your common.js file or other skin-specific JavaScript file.

mw.loader.load( '/w/index.php?title=User:Chlod/Scripts/Deputy/InfringementAssistant.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript' ); // Backlink: [[User:Chlod/Scripts/Deputy/InfringementAssistant.js]]

On performance[edit]

Deputy is originally written in TypeScript, and is transpiled and bundled (by Rollup) along with third party libraries prior to being published on-wiki. This process slightly inflates the script's total size, but this shouldn't be too much of a problem. As of v0.4.2, Deputy's uncompressed size is around 743.10 kB, but when compressed and sent to your browser is only ~142.03 kB. If this is still a problem, consider seeing if User:SD0001/Making user scripts load faster works for you.

Deputy strives to be ready for use as soon as possible. For this reason, Deputy may load an outdated version of the wiki-wide configuration for at least a single page load. The script will load the updated version in the background as you perform your normal work.


Deputy was made with user-friendliness and intuitiveness in mind. Thus, it's possible to use Deputy without having to go through a tutorial. Nevertheless, this guide can assist you in getting started with using Deputy. Documentation for Deputy's two modules, ANTE and IA, can be found at their own respective documentation pages (ANTE, IA).

Deputy assumes that you have some knowledge of handling and processing CCI case pages prior to using the tool. Read up first on relevant guides and policy pages or consult an experienced copyright cleanup editor if you have little to no prior experience in working with CCI cases. When in doubt, consult the case handling instructions for the case you're working on. You may also refer to Moneytrees' guide for working on CCI pages. You are responsible for your own edits when using Deputy; please be mindful when editing.

Although Deputy aims to minimize disruption, there are cases where Deputy may cause unintended bugs as it is still in development. Please report these so that they may be fixed.

Boring things[edit]

Deputy was created with the assistance of WikiProject Copyright Cleanup members and the Wikimedia Foundation. Deputy relies on third-party libraries for execution: these are not loaded and do not load data from servers not controlled by the Wikimedia Foundation. Deputy was the subject of a Wikimedia Foundation Rapid Grant. For more information on the script, or to access alpha builds and technical demonstrations, visit the GitHub repository. Deputy is released under the Apache License 2.0.