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Superseded by WP:NOTNOW

Often when visiting the Requests for Adminship page, a user will see an inexperienced nominee receiving a large amount of oppose votes. Obviously, for a newcomer nominee like this, lots of oppose votes will be disheartening. Biting newcomers is undesirable. Bureaucrats generally close the Request for Adminship of an inexperienced newcomer early to spare the nominee the pain of many oppose votes. However, recently the community has become divided as to which requests for adminship should be closed early and which ones should be kept running.

The aim of this proposed guideline is to aid bureaucrats in making the decision to close an RfA early without being blamed for "being unfair".

Proposed guideline[edit]

  • Bureaucrats may close a Request for Adminship at any time, if in their judgement the request will not succeed and is likely to generate ill will. Due regard should be given to the wishes of the nominee and the community at large when such wishes have been made clear.

Discussion of proposal[edit]

The figures in the criteria above are just rough estimates of good figures. Obviously, the criteria can be discussed and consensus can be then determined based on figures that the community wish to have. Initial discussion for this proposed guideline can take place on the talk page.