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Wikipedia does not yet have an Editorial Committee. Still, as editorial decisions need to be made through deliberation and consensus, these findings should be shared with each other such as to avoid creating redundant debates regarding various similar matters of editorial approach.

Committee membership is limited to Wikipedians who can read and write, and who have an interest in collaborating to form editorial decisions. In fact you are already a member of the Editorial Committee, as you no doubt collaborate and deliberate with others in finding consensus on how certain topics are treated. This forum simply abstracts issues as discussed on local talk pages to a central body, which itself keeps a centralized record of its summary findings at Wikipedia:Editorial findings (WP:EDF)

What the EC does[edit]

For example, to ascertain the validity of particular sources is outside of our scope. Nevertheless the sources we often cite are subjected to criticism and censure, such that provide us with concepts for how we can distinguish certain sources as reliable and others as not. These decisions should be made by discussion and references to outside meta-sources that deal directly with the issue of source reliability.

From there, its important to keep an abstract record of our own deliberations: editorial findings we make with regard to issues we discuss should then be logged in detail, and thereafter referenced directly.