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Expert review is a system to acquire input from experts on the factual accuracy and coverage of selected scientific articles in the English Wikipedia. It focuses on what is written in articles, not on how articles are written.

If you have any comments or questions, please engage in constructive discussion on the discussion page. You may find useful information if you read the list of frequently asked questions or the reviewing HOWTO.

If you are a reviewer, you might wish to take a look at the reviews list, which lists article reviews and their associated academic disciplines; both reviewers and non-reviewers are invited to vote to select articles for addition to this list.

Experts who would like to become reviewers should see the relevant access page for more information on how to make a request to the coordinators, who are entrusted to perform certain maintenance and improvements to expert review.

Reviewers generally carry out discussion via mailing lists; anybody is welcome to subscribe to these lists, but only coordinators and reviewers are permitted to post on them (with the exception of the coordinators' mailing list, which everybody is welcome to post on).