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WikiProject Cleveland Museum of Art
Open Access Anniversary Campaign 2020
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DatesJanuary 23, 2020
February 9, 2020

Welcome to WikiProject Cleveland Museum of Art's Open Access Anniversary Editing Campaign, taking place January 23 - February 9, 2020!

One year ago, on January 23, 2019, the Cleveland Museum of Art launched its Open Access Program, releasing images of 30,000 public domain artworks into the public domain, alongside metadata for more than 61,000 artworks. In recognition of the one-year anniversary of this program, WikiProject Cleveland of Art is hosting an online editing campaign to celebrate.

The scope of this event is to create and expand articles about artworks and artists featured in the Cleveland Museum of Art’s collection, as well as any articles about the Cleveland Museum of Art itself (its founders, directors, etc.)


We’re collaborating with the Cleveland Museum of Art to send out museum postcards to event participants who do any one of the following in scope of the campaign:

  • Create an article, with adequate citations.
  • Expand at least 2 articles by 100 words each, with adequate citations.

Only contributions made during the duration of the event will count towards postcards. At the end of the event, a survey will be sent to all participants to collect mailing addresses.

Task list[edit]

This list is transcluded from Wikipedia:GLAM/Cleveland Museum of Art/Tasks

The following is a list of potential articles to create and expand. When creating new articles, remember to ensure that subjects are notable and can be reliably sourced.



CMA Founders
CMA Directors
These are articles on CMA works in other languages that may be translated to English.
Refer to this page for a guide to translating. Extended confirmed users (30 days with 500 edits) may use the Content Translation tool.


Planning on participating? Add yourself!


Please list any contributions you make as part of the campaign below using the following format:

* [[Article Name]] (created/expanded) by ~~~~