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From July 2013 to March 2014, Jisc and Wikimedia UK are jointly supporting a project to encourage a range of audiences (librarians, teachers, researchers and students) within learning and research to engage with Wikimedia UK and Wikimedia projects. Full documentation is on the Wikimedia UK wiki. This page is for listing the activities directly relevant to Wikipedia.

Jisc is not a traditional GLAM institution but funds projects in, and has ongoing relationships with, many educational and cultural institutions. It provides, funds, or negotiates access to many content collections- see Jisc content. So the post is not a traditional Wikipedian In Residence focused directly on content. The title Wikimedia Ambassador reflects that the purpose is to make a permanent change in culture and practice so that Wikimedia projects are routinely considered by academics and by cultural projects as channels of dissemination.

The role holder is User:MartinPoulter, who has created the alternative account User:MartinPoulter Jisc for work done under the project.


Public editathons

Outcomes and evaluations are listed on the editathon pages.

Outreach events

The project will identify and support university academics who are running or considering Wikipedia assignments. This will disseminate their work and is also a chance to promote awareness of the constructive and unconstructive ways to run these assignments. Martin is a trained Campus Ambassador.