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#1Lib1Ref 2019 - Get Involved[edit]

1Lib1Ref is Wikipedia's annual campaign to get more librarians involved in editing Wikipedia, by adding just one - or maybe more! - citations to the encyclopedia. This year's campaign in Scotland will be coordinated by SLIC Wikimedian in Residence Delphine Dallison, who will be acting as Scotland's 1Lib1Ref Ambassador as part of the campaign's global team.

What is it about?

Wikipedia is always a work in progress and we strive everyday to improve it. The #1Lib1Ref campaign coincides with Wikipedia's birthday every year on the 15th of January and runs for three weeks until the 5th February. The references on Wikipedia are the most important part of any article and that's why during #1Lib1Ref, we try to enlist the help of the best reference experts we know, ie. librarians. If every librarian worldwide was to add just one citation to Wikipedia (and of course, you're welcome to add more than one) then the encyclopedia would be hugely improved for all its users. So what do you say, are you in?

This year in Scotland, we're going one step further. We'd like to invite you to expand or improve some of the stub articles on WikiProject Scotland and WikiProject Women in Red, or if you're a health librarian on WikiProject Medecine. If you're wondering what a stub article is, it's a short article on Wikipedia, usually only one or two paragraphs and two to three citations. It's been created because the subject is notable and deserves a page on Wikipedia, but the editor didn't have the time or the resources to develop it into a full article. In short, it's a call for help and we hope that you'll answer it!

Throughout 2019's #1Lib1Ref campaign, Delphine Dallison, Wikimedian in Residence at SLIC will be running a number of 1hr training webinars (see schedule below) open to any librarians to attend to learn how to use the Citation Hunt Tool to add a citation to Wikipedia and how to expand a stub into a full fledged article. So if you'd like to learn more about how to improve Wikipedia and make more open knowledge (accurately referenced) freely available to all, why not sign up?

If you are already an active editor on Wikipedia, you are still welcome to sign up to a webinar for a refresher, but otherwise, we've gathered some resources on how to use Citation Hunt and how to edit a stub for your perusal. In the Start Editing section of this page, you'll also find a link to the citation Hunt tool and curated lists of stub articles for you to expand. Please make sure to add your Wiki username in the participants list below (just make sure that you're signed into your account and add * followed by four ~ at the bottom of the list and publish to do it automatically) and against any stub article that you're working on so we can support everyone involved in the campaign.

1Lib1Ref Webinars[edit]

1Lib1Ref Scotland 2019 Webinar for Librarians[edit]

This webinars covers all the basics of editing Wikipedia and how to add citations using the Citation Hunt tool as well as how to expand a stub article.

1Lib1Ref Scotland 2019 Webinar for Health Librarians[edit]

This webinars focuses on editing health articles on Wikipedia using the guidelines provided by WikiProject Medecine and is aimed specifically at health librarians due to the higher standard of reference required for health articles.

1Lib1Ref resources[edit]

Enroll on the #1Lib1Ref Scotland 2019 Dashboard[edit]

Enroll as a participant for #1Lib1Ref Scotland 2019! If you have a Wikipedia account, you can enroll as a participant in this year's campaign dashboard. The dashboard allows us to track all the edits on Wikipedia for participants taking part in the #1Lib1Ref campaign, so we can gather metrics on the impact of the campaign.

If you don't have a Wikipedia account yet, sign up today for your account using Create Account.

Once you've signed up for your Wikipedia account, enroll on the dashboard with your Wikipedia username using this link.

Adding citations using Citation Hunt[edit]

Are you in search for a citation needed tagged statement? Look no further, watch the resources below to learn how to find an article to add a reference to on Wikipedia using the Citation Hunt tool.

Basic how to guides for editing Wikipedia[edit]

If you wish to improve an article or expand a stub on Wikipedia, here are a few resources to refresh your memory.

How to find a Stub Article to Edit[edit]

If you can't decide what to edit as part of #1Lib1Ref, why not select one of the stub articles from WikiProject Scotland or WikiProject Women in Red? Follow the links below to access a full list of all the stub articles currently in need of improvement for both those projects:

Editing health articles on Wikipedia: a guide for health librarians[edit]

Useful Resources[edit]

Webinar Presentation[edit]

How to find a Stub Article to Edit for WikiProject Medicine[edit]

If you can't decide what to edit as part of #1Lib1Ref, why not select one of the stub articles from WikiProject Medicine? Follow the link below to access a full list of all the stub articles currently in need of improvement for this projects: