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The MS Wissenschaft in 2013. The exhibition is under deck, and optionally, events can be organized on deck.
In the 2013 exhibition, focused on demographic change.

Every year, a riverboat with a science exhibition is cruising German rivers: the MS Wissenschaft.

The exhibition's theme for 2014 is "digital society", and on that occasion, Wikimedians and other members of the digital society have been invited to contribute to the design of the exhibition or of particular exhibits, or to make suggestions on how any aspect of the digital society can be presented in a way that engages the public in Germany and Austria.

Due to this outreach nature of the project, all project materials are in German, and this English page can only provide a very rough overview.

  • The final version of any hardware component of the exhibit has been assembled near the boat by February, ready for integration into the exhibition.

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