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Transactions of the Society of the Antiquaries of Scotland. Illustrated with copperplates. Volume I. Fleuron T145138-1.png

About the Residency[edit]

As of January 2019, the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland is hosting a Wikimedian in Residence, in order to explore how the Society can engage better with the Wikimedia projects, and move towards more open ways of working.

This is an experimental model for a residency supported by WMUK, in which an existing member of staff has been identified to take on the role of Wikimedian. The aim is to embed engagement with the Wikimedia projects within the everyday work of the society. The Wikimedian in Residence is DougRM.

Aims & Objectives[edit]

  1. To perform the key aims and responsibilities as set out in Exhibit 1: Duties and Responsibilities of WIR
  2. To work towards the improvement of quality of Wikimedia project’s content, particularly relating to the collections and content of the Institution
  3. To promote digital engagement through the Wikimedia projects in areas relating to the work of the Institution
  4. To provide training opportunities for staff, volunteers, researchers and members of the public associated with the Institution
  5. To facilitate knowledge exchange and knowledge co-creation
  6. To make information and/or materials held by the Institution available via the Wikimedia projects, e.g. releasing text, images and other multimedia files under an open license


Period Covered Date of Report Full Report
January - March 2019 31st March 3 Month Report - read full
April - June 2019 24th July 6 Month Report - read full
July - Sept 2019 8th November 9 Month Report - read full
October - December 2019 5th February 12 Month Report - read full
January - March 2020 July 3rd 15 Month Report - read full
April - June 2020 July 3rd 18 Month Report - read full
July - Sept 2020 October 1st 21 Month Report - read full
October - December 2020 January 5th 24 Month Report - read full

Press about the Residency[edit]