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Note: For help with image creation and editing ask at Wikipedia:Graphic Lab/Image workshop.
One of the reasons why you should use SVG instead of other file formats.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) resources. Why SVG, one might ask? Look to the image on the right. SVG images stored at Wikipedia or on the Wikimedia Commons aren't actually what you see in your browser when viewing Wikipedia articles. MediaWiki converts the SVG image to a PNG image. The SVG format is the working format of the stored image so that people can more easily convert images for use in different languages. If you're using a browser other than Internet Explorer, just keep clicking the image and you'll eventually get the full-size image, which will be the SVG version. For example; keep clicking the image to the right. For more info please see: Commons:File types#SVG.

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Questions about insertion of links or special functions in SVGs[edit]

See the talk page, Wikipedia talk:Graphic Lab/Resources/SVG, and the talk section titled "SVG : Insertion of links or special functions in SVGs."

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