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A Guru (Sanskrit: गुरू, gurū) is a teacher in Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Based on a long line of philosophical understanding as to the importance of knowledge, the guru is seen in these religions as a sacred conduit, or a way to self-realization.


Often, a Wikipedian has a sufficient knowledge in a certain subject to be considered an expert. At times, it may be sufficient to acknowledge someone's expertise in an informal manner. However, formal acknowledgement of a Wikipedian's expertise has several advantages.

  1. The ability for those wishing to gain knowledge in a subject to learn from an expert by facilitating finding them.
  2. A method of praise for sharing knowledge of one's expertise on Wikipedia.
  3. A benchmark to remind those of WP:OWN while still avowing their expertise in a certain article or subject.
  4. The facilitation of collaboration with other experts in related fields to conduct Off Wiki projects, creating new information which can be used to benefit others.

Wikipedia is made up of its information and its people who add that information, and those who act as a sacred conduit to the self realization of knowledge to others within Wikipedia deserve recognition as a Wikipedian Guru.

What Is A Wikipedian Guru[edit]

  • An expert in a certain subject, field or topic, recognized for such by other Wikipedians for their additions to information(articles, images, etc.) in that subject, field or topic within Wikipedia.
  • A guide to other Wikipedians within a certain subject,field or topic, expanding the knowledge of others within that certain subject, field or topic.
  • A Wikipedian who has shown that they are willing and able to communicate in a civil and respectful manner to other Wikipedians who wish to ask for their assistance in understanding the certain subject, field or topic in question under most circumstances.

What A Wikipedian Guru Is Not[edit]

  • An Owner of a certain subject, field or topic, entitled to special privileges in project space debates.
  • An editor who uses their expertise to intimidate others from discovering information on a subject, field or topic.
  • An editor who cannot collaborate with others in order to expand the quality of the certain subject, field or topic in which their expertise lies.

How to Become a Wikipedian Guru[edit]

still to be determined An RFA style process for a user and a certain subject, field or topic.


  • Joe User in Ping Pong (Joe User could also become a guru in other subjects, but would need to have his expertise recognized in those subjects in a subsequent process.)

Why Become a Guru?[edit]

  • Recognition and praise of other Wikipedians and non-Wikipedians for your expertise in a certain subject, field or topic.
  • Assisting others who wish to become an expert or are just searching for information in the subject, field or topic in which you are an expert.
  • The cool name.

How to Recognize a Guru[edit]

Joe User
Ping Pong

Feel free to edit this proposed policy to help it gain general consensus