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Help articles that need attention (edit)
Page in Help: namespace Page in Wikipedia: namespace Comments
Pages in Category:Wikipedia multilingual support Should be cleaned up and some possibly merged together.
Help:Diff As of May 2012, needs updating for the new diff formatting (assuming that doesn't get reverted!)
n/a Wikipedia:How to edit a page not very easy to read - ouch!
Help:Account Wikipedia:Account No help page exists, WP space one is very TLDR/unfriendly.
Help:Files Wikipedia:Images Wikipedia:Picture tutorial unable to locate succint and helpful info on the parameters for using images easily - have found it at Wikipedia:Extended image syntax maybe this isn't linked very well
Help:Files Wikipedia:Images Wikipedia:Image use policy Wikipedia:Extended image syntax Wikipedia:Preparing images for upload Wikipedia:Graphics tutorials Wikipedia:Captions Wikipedia:Gallery tag Wikipedia:Creation and usage of media files Wikipedia:Finding images tutorial Wikipedia:Uploading images Wikipedia:Ten things you may not know about images on Wikipedia Wikipedia:Picture tutorial A lot of image pages with various amounts of duplication.
Help:Footnotes Wikipedia:Manual of Style (footnotes)
Help:Wiki markup could do with making both simpler and more comprehensive!
Wikipedia:Starting an article Wikipedia:Article creation Wikipedia:Your first article 3 pages on starting an article

Completed projects (edit)
Page in Help: namespace Page in Wikipedia: namespace Comments
Help:Talk page Wikipedia:Talk page suggested move from WP space to help,un marking as guideline (WP:Talk page guidelines already exists)  Done
Help:Searching Wikipedia:Searching WP: article is visually better and could almost replace the help:, but may get too technical. Done
Help:Wikitext examples Help:Editing Help:Advanced editing Help:Display markup examples Help:Wiki markup Wikipedia:How to edit a page All containing overlapping instructions on using wikimarkup some merging to remove duplication possible.. Help:Wiki markup created, some articles merged.  Done
Help:File page Help:file needs attention particularly changing "Image:" to "File:" several editors have had a go so far  Done
Help:Searching Help:Go button Wikipedia:Searching Wikipedia:Look it up Merged into Help:Searching, which still needs attention.  Done
Help:Reader Template:Quick help Only link to themselves and a few old userpage links - an artifact of the past that could be deleted?
Help:Moving a page Wikipedia:How to move a page Seem to be the wrong way around - help has policy, WP is simple ! Yes check.svg Done (pages swapped)