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This does not apply to the current events portal, but it may apply to some of the other current events pages. For archiving the current events portal, see Portal:Current events/How to archive the portal.

At the beginning of every month, it is customary to archive the Current events and Current sports events pages by moving them to a suitably named month (for example, June 2004 or June 2004 in sports). This makes the original pages redirects, which can then be edited to record the new month's events. Moving the original pages ensures the page history is saved with the month, and provides a fresh history each month. It also keeps the log of older versions manageably small.

For example, to archive Current events or Current sports events on July 1 2004:

  1. Move the current page to June 2004 or June 2004 in sports as appropriate.
  2. Edit the moved page and copy its entire contents to the clipboard.
  3. Switch the order of the days from reverse chronological order, the style for Current events, to forward chronological order, the standard for monthly archives. Be sure to repeat this process for any subsections such as the list of deaths.
  4. Edit Current events or Current sports events (which is now a redirect).
  5. Remove the redirect, and paste in the copied text. Remove the content for June 2004 - you just want the "template" for the month.
  6. Update the page to reflect the new month, in this case July. Typically this means updating the calendar, starting a new list of deaths, and adding June to the "Past events by month" section.
  7. Create a redirect from July 2004 or July 2004 in sports to Current events or Current sports events as appropriate.
  8. Edit last month's article, June 2004 or June 2004 in sports, to reflect the fact that it's no longer current. This means replacing the time/date with a list of the months in the year, linking to the appropriate events/sports events articles in each case. Also, change category references to [[Category:2004|*2004-06]] or [[Category:2004 in sports|*2004-06]] as appropriate. (See the policy on category sorting.)