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An infobox should contain information pertinent to the subject in question as a whole. If a logo is frequently identified as being representative of the topic as a whole, it should be placed at the top of the infobox. Other logos that are owned or representative of subsidiary subjects should not appear in the infobox, most especially if they are "iconized". This increases visual clutter in the infobox, detracts from the purpose of the infobox, and creates misdirected understanding of the topic.

This issue is independent of the copyright status of the images in question.


On October 2009, a policy discussion titled "Should trademarked sports logos be used as icons in university infoboxes?" explored the appropriateness of placing multiple iconized logos of secondary topics in infoboxes, besides the full-sized logo of the subject of the article/infobox. The consensus from the discussion, by a wide majority, was that such icons are inappropriate for the infobox of a particular topic. Infoboxes should only have adequately-sized logos of whatever topic they represent.


The following guidelines are pertinent to this issue:

If you have been directed here[edit]

If you wish to change the consensus that is against having these icons, you are encouraged to start a new discussion in Wikipedia:Village pump (policy). Any edit warring in an attempt to make a change is not acceptable and may result in administrative actions.