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The Wikipedia culture is one of mutual respect and finding ways to work with other users. Users with a criticism of another user should either talk to that user, ignore that user, or seek dispute resolution if there is evidence of a genuine concern. Users who instead express their disapproval of another user or their actions in a personally directed, provocative, crude or disruptive manner unlikely to aid the project or resolve any personal differences, are likely to be in breach of this policy.

On Wikipedia, incivility generally involves pointed comments that do not objectively aid the dialog or set out facts. Uncivil words or comments usually meet the following criteria:

Targets someone: targets a specific user or real-world peoples;
Is usually negative: usually (but not always) phrased in such a way as to be taken as derogatory, insulting, or egregiously offensive by ordinary people if they were in the target's situation;
Improper character: unlikely to be posted in order to aid calm evidence-based collaborative handling of a matter, but instead appear intended to inflame emotions, or for their negative effect on the target or those sympathetic to the group;
Lacks project benefit: objectively seems to have little or no project benefit — the wording seems intended merely for emotional satisfaction, and risks derailing the conversation into a non-productive personal disputes;

Incivility is often due to frustration and often best ignored or gently asked to stop. Do not over-react to trivial lapses or brief frustration that will quickly blow over, as this can cause the matter to escalate. However a user who grossly or repeatedly engages in incivility may be warned or blocked as below. Incivility is also blockable when it reaches the level of personal attacks, outing, harassment or disruption, as described in those policies.


The previous enforcement proposal has been discussed and consensus is that a series of escalating blocks is not really appropriate. Further discussion is ongoing around this area.