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College of Engineering, Pune
Coep main bldg.jpg
COEP main building
Institution College of Engineering, Pune
Course M. Tech. (Production Engineering)
Instructor Neeta V. Shinde
Year First
Students Count 18
Project Course Computational Methods in Engineering
Assignment Start Date TBD
Assignment End Date TBD

Campus Ambassadors

India Online Ambassador(s)

US Online Ambassador(s)

Course Description[edit]

MA 5112, Computational methods in Engineering is mathematics course for first year M Tech(Production)(I semester) students, at College of Engineering, Pune. The class has a strength of nearly 18 students.

Assignments Overview[edit]

The wikipedia based assignments are a substitute for the regular quiz worth 10 marks. Students are required to work on wikipedia page assigned to them. This section is only about the Wikipedia part of the course. (To be updated after discussion with Campus Ambassadors)

Article Selection[edit]

Assignments timeline[edit]

2011 July 31[edit]

  • Overview of the course
  • Introduction to the Wikipedia part of the course
  • Introduction to "Why Wikipedia"
  • HANDOUT: "Welcome to Wikipedia" brochure
  • Campus Ambassadors introduce Wikipedia
    • How to edit Wikipedia
    • Tips on creating good Wikipedia Pages
  • Complete this form

2011 Aug 26[edit]

  • Students to get introduced to Wikipedia browsing
  • Students to create user accounts, user pages, and update this page
  • Get your Wikipedia page finalized by the instructor

31 Aug 2011[edit]

  • Students to get assigned a campus ambassador and update this page with the name
  • Make first edits to your assigned pages
    • Write on talk pages of other students

2011 Sep 15[edit]

  • Introduction to IRC chat
  • Initial study on the topic assigned
    • Discuss your updates with the Mentor/Instructor

2011 Sep 30[edit]

  • Review Meeting involving all participants
  • Introduction to Wikipedia Sandboxes
    • Write a summary of your changes in your sandbox

2011 Oct 15[edit]

  • Detailed study of the topic assigned
  • Begin expanding the assigned page with lot of content added to it

2011 Oct 30[edit]

  • Review the work of at least two other groups
    • Possibly update their assigned wiki pages/talk pages
  • Finalize the changes to your wikipedia Page. Mention the last edit on this page (deadline: Oct 25th 2011, 6 pm)
  • Open discussion with each group about their Wikipedia experience

Instructions for the students[edit]

Update this page with listing of your pair in the last section. Also list the page assigned to you and the name of your mentor campus ambassador. On your last edit, update the last edit link as well.

Some helpful resources[edit]

  • Go to the Wikipedia main page and have a look at all the features of Wikipedia.
  • To know the difference between an encyclopedia and an essay look at section 2.2 of this article: Wikipedia:What Wikipedia Is Not

List of students[edit]

Please maintain this list in order sorted on Roll No. Also put up links to the pages that you are editing, your user-id.

Roll No Full name Wikipedia-user-id Mentor Page(s) Last Edit - Link
121123014 S N V Prasad Reddi User:Rsnvprasad User:Pallaviagarwal90 Numerical integration
121123016 Avinash B Verma User:Aviverma user:pallaviagarwal90 Numerical differentiation
121023034 Prashant P Rayankar User:prashantrayarikar [User:Pallaviagarwal90] Numerical interpolation for equal intervals
121123006 Sachin K Halgode user:sachin.halgode86 User:Pallaviagarwal90 Curve fitting
121123005 Avinash D Gadekar user:Avinashgadekar user:Pallaviagarwal90 Splines
121023030 M L Chanpur user : mohan.chanpur [User : Pallaviagarwal190] Solution of transcendental equations
121123013 Sandip S Patil User:Sandipspatil User:Pallaviagarwal90 Numerical solution to PDE
121123008 Nilesh M Mahajan User:Nileshmm User:Pallaviagarwal90 Normal distribution
121123002 Nishant Chaudhari user:nishantdchaudhari123 user:Pallaviagarwal90 Confidence interval
121123004 Ravikiran Doiphode user:hilburt user:pallaviagarwal90 Binomial distribution
Ankit Shende user:ankit.shende user:pallaviagarwal90 Poisson distribution
121123010 Aditya A Moghe user:Adityamoghe2011 user:pallaviagarwal90 Testing of hypothesis
121123012 Bhavesh Patil user:Bhaveshpatil04 user:pallaviagarwal90 Goodness of fit
121123011 G S More user:gunesh10 user:pallaviagarwal90 Correlation analysis
121023032 Poonam V Jadhav User:poonamjadhav user:pallaviagarwal90 Applications of ODE
121123009 Ganesh K Mangalvedhe user:mangalvedhegk user:Pallaviagarwal90 Numerical interpolation for unequal intervals
121123001 Shantanu Barshikar user:shantanu1989 user:Pallaviagarwal90 Quality control
121123003 Ulhas Deutkar user:deutkar ulhas user:pallaviagarwal90 Acceptance Sampling