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An infestation guideline[edit]


A. Foundational to Wikipedia is the concept of consensus. We use a number of methods to achieve consensus all idealy through a polite discussion seeking majority support.

B. However, this process does not mean people should gather others who share the same views as themselves in an attempt to generate an artificial consensus (systemic bias), rather than attempt to evade bias.

What may constitute as infestation[edit]

  • A 'mob' of new editors...
    ...who appear to know each other prior to their arrival via an internet forum etc...
    ...who make similar/controversial/biased edits disregarding concerns of others.
    ...who practically own the article.
  • Two or more groups...
    ...that waging a revert war on an article.
    ...that trick Wikipedia policies such as the WP:3RR by reverting once or twice each.
    ...that keep revert warring until an admin protects the article satisfying one of the sides. Whoever reverts faster gets to keep their biased version.
    ...that continue the revert war upon unprotection of the page.

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