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Irrelevant Intersections for Lists or IIFL is the WP:OCAT's Non-notable intersections by ethnicity, religion, or sexual preference applied to lists, with the further addition of race and political stance. Lists like the following should have general backing for the relationship purported in the title, or else they may face deletion.

Intersection Must Meet Notability[edit]

The question of what relevance, if any, the relationship has cannot be answered by original research (such as suggesting a lack of, or over-representation of, some group in some occupation/area). There must be at least one (though, if it is not a neologism, there should be more than one) article, book, or documentary specifically addressing the issue of a connection between the intersectees and showing how that relationship is manifested, for it to have some notability as an intersection. The existence of the intersection outside of wikipedia is not proof enough that it is a notable intersection.

Examples of lists whose intersection was not deemed notable: List of Hindu sportspeople, List of Catholic businesspersons, List of Libertarian celebrities, List of Jewish publishers

Exceptional Endeavors[edit]

In addition to the intersection itself meeting notability, race intersection topics additionally require that the race be intersected with an exceptional endeavor topic (Medal of Honor recipients, Academy Award winners, billionaires, inventors, or abolitionists) rather than a typical endeavor or status topic (sports, entertainers such as rock musicians and reality television participants, videogame characters, French).