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Projects, George Reeves Person (GRP), BoxingWear
Original name(s)User:Projects
ISPChicago Public Library; Comcast; AT&T; numerous others
Known IPs64.107.0.0/22;; 2603:300A:405:8300::/64; many open proxies; since 2019, a VPN or IP-hiding service allowing him to pick a country for the IP.
Physical locationChicago, Illinois

Basic information

This editor is most frequently known as the "George Reeves Person" (GRP), though he has never had an account by that name. "Projects" was his earliest known account, and "BoxingWear" was his longest-lived sockpuppet.

His interests center on boxing, martial arts, speculative fights, chess, mysterious, unexplained deaths of famous people, massacres – and harassing editors of WMF projects. Some of his specific topics include George Reeves, Rocky Marciano, Bob Baker, Muhammad Ali, chess, the Armenian genocide, the Beatles reunion and Buddhism. He is not a native English speaker; originally from the Balkans (probably from former Yugoslavia) he speaks some Polish and Serbian. He writes long-winded rants, often in all-caps and comically ungrammatical, mixing pleas, threats, and libellous fictions with links to other similar rants off-wiki. If pasting the off wiki link fails, then he will then go on and paste archive links instead.

He is banned by the Wikimedia Foundation and may not edit any Wikimedia project. All accounts should be globally locked on sight. IPs should be blocked on sight. While using m:SRG is often slow for IP addresses, if needed, try contacting stewards through IRC for a quick request to globally block IPs.

Responding to this editor may open you up to long-term harassment and direct threats. Harassment by email is common, so you may wish to disable emails from new users and avoid publishing your email address on Wikimedia projects. If this editor sends you any email via the EmailUser feature, do not reply to it. Instead, report the account sending the email to stewards (m:SRG or m:Special:Contact/stewards). Make sure to disable emails globally from new users. If you only disable it from a certain project, he'll go to another WMF project and harass you from there. He may rapidly make multiple attempts to log in to your Wikimedia account, although these are likely only done to give a notification to you. If you have a strong password, you will be fine and 2FA is also helpful.

If you feel unsafe, contacting the Chicago police for help is an option.


  • Block sock IPs on sight; always check if they are open proxies (typically they are unless they geolocate to Chicago). Report sockpuppets to m:SRG or #wikimedia-stewards connect for global locking, since he rarely restricts his activities to the English Wikipedia.
  • Blocking the large IP ranges listed in the infobox and creating an edit filter may be recommended for smaller WMF projects.
  • Temporarily disable emails from new users for a period of a few days if you're targeted. Do it globally, and not just on one or two WMF projects.
  • Do not give him vandal warnings. It is a gateway for you to become one of his targets.


  • Wikinger often copies Projects' personal attacks and writing style, causing people to mistake Wikinger for Projects (and the other way around).

Users familiar

Please contact one of these users if you are looking for more information about giveaways, behaviour traits etc.