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Semantic Intentions[edit]

label description
Copy Editing rephrase; improve grammar, spelling, tone, or punctuation.
Clarification specify or explain an existing fact or meaning by example or discussion without adding new information.
Simplification reduce the complexity or breadth of discussion; may remove information.
Point of View rewrite using encyclopedic, neutral tone; remove bias; apply due weight.
Refactoring restructure the article; move and rewrite content, without changing the meaning of it.
Fact Update update numbers, dates, scores, episodes, status, etc. based on newly available information.
Elaboration extend/add substantive new content; insert a fact or new meaningful assertion (beyond a simple "fact update").
Verifiability add or modify references and citations; remove unverified text.
Disambiguation re-link from a disambiguation page to the specific page.
Wikification format text to meet style guidelines (see Wikipedia:Glossary#Wikify), e.g. add links or remove them where necessary; convert bold text to proper headers, etc.
Vandalism deliberately attempt to damage the article.
Counter-vandalism revert or otherwise remove vandalism.
Process start or continue a wiki process workflow such as tagging (or un-tagging) an article with cleanup, merge or deletion notices.
Other Intentions none of the above, please leave a note.


label description
Wikilink Links to another page within English Wikipedia. E.g. [[John_Smith_(professor)|Dr. Smith]]
Interwiki Link Links to a page on another Wikimedia project website, such as Meta or another language. E.g. [[:mw:Extension:OAuth]]
External Link Links that use absolute URLs to point towards external domains. E.g. [ The Wikimedia Portal]
Reference A reference tag and/or a citation template. E.g. <ref>{{cite book| ... }}</ref>
Category A category link. E.g. [[Category:Hats]]
Heading Section headings. E.g. == Heading 2 ==
Table Wikitext table code and/or the content contained within. E.g., {|, |, |-, |}
Template Template transclusions. E.g. {{citation needed}} or {{Infobox|...}}
Cleanup tag A template that notes of an issue in the page. E.g. "reads like an advert" or "lacks sources" or "COI involved"
Process tag A template for deletion or merge process. E.g. {{Prod}} or {{CSD}}.
List Bulleted, numbered or description list
Markup Elements used for formatting content (excludes tables, templates and special characters). E.g. ''' (bold), '' (italics) and HTML tags.
Special Characters Mathematical characters, greek characters, etc. E.g. Σ (&Sigma;) or · (&middot;)
Media Include Media Files (Images, Audio, Video) objects. Usually in the form of a [[File:...]] link, but sometimes also appears in a template as a parameter filename = File:....
Body Copy The main article or text part (as distinct from the headings, subheadings, and graphics)
Data value Numbers, True/False/yes/no, dates or time. E.g. January 3rd, $150, 2015/01/02, {{Infobox president|is_current=yes}}, etc.
Punctuation Body copy punctuation characters that are intended to appear in text. E.g. periods, commas, asterisks, brackets, colon, dash, etc.
Information Factual or meaningful information content. E.g. one could change "body copy" without changing the "information" contained.


label description
Insertion insert new content
Deletion delete content
Modification modify content