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PLEASE include two or three edit history links about the lame edit war. It would be also useful to list the date the edit war was added.

Talk pages[edit]

Talk:Godwin's Law[edit]

Wikipedia's favourite put-down gets sucked into a tetchy and bamboozling statistics analysis. And the winner (for now) is an editor named ... Mike Godwin.

Talk:Homosexuality in Singapore[edit]

Probably the first instance of revert-warring on an article talkpage, where one editor accused another of using the talkpage as an alternative soapbox for a POV agenda. The accused editor first tried to insert a list of unpredictable predictions, then when that didn't work, transferred it to the talkpage, ostensibly for "discussion" when in fact none took place. That section was reverted back and forth numerous times, since no statute seems to govern behaviour in talkpages.


Like the names of other recent Apple Inc. products, iPhone starts with a lowercase letter. Should there be a {{lowercase}} template on the talk page (in addition to the one in the article itself) to signify that peculiarity? ‘Yes, why not?’, say some;[1] ‘No, it’s pointless!’, say others.[2] Nine days after the iPhone’s first announcement (and five months before it would actually become available), this and other issues had already caused over 500 edits to the talk page.


Edit war over whether the template at the top, announcing that the article was speedy kept after an Articles for Deletion debate, should include the word "ZOOOOOOOM" to exemplify the speediness of the process. It was kept in until finally being supplanted by a note in the archive box template.


Edit war over whethers a blog an application or is it the product of an application? See discussion here.