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PLEASE include two or three edit history links about the lame edit war. It would be also useful to list the date the edit war was added.



Crystal kthememgr.svg Even little boxes like these are not immune to lame edit wars.

Template:User admins ignoring policy[edit]

A userbox reading "This user is pissed about admins ignoring policy" (the word "pissed" was later changed to "annoyed"). Surprisingly enough, the userbox was speedy deleted by admins... ignoring policy. See the first, second, and third Templates for Deletion votes. During its third DRV, support wanes and the userbox is deleted.

Template:User Aspie[edit]

Should the font size for this userbox be 10pt or 14pt? 3rr violations, page protection, and vitriol spilling onto multiple talk pages ensue.

Template:User United Kingdom[edit]

A rather heated debate over changing the text of this user box from "This user comes from the United Kingdom." to "This user lives in the United Kingdom." This all arose from an argument over what took precedence; the text the user box said "This user comes from the United Kingdom." or the category it was grouped with Category:Wikipedians in the United Kingdom. It only got resolved by a straw poll vote and the changing of the text.


Jeanne Marie Spicuzza[edit]

Week-long edit war over whether there should be five pastel-colored boxes saying the article needs cleanup (and perhaps a sixth saying there are too many pastel-colored boxes) or just one, with little or no effort made from either side to improve the article itself. Led to a thread on WP:ANI and the article being protected.

Reggie Jackson, et al.: (others include Joe Girardi Dave Winfield, and Rickey Henderson, Jeff Nelson (baseball player))[edit]

What should the color be of the infobox for baseball players: the last team they were on, or the team they played the most often for? This convention was the subject of several reports at WP:ANI [1] [2] [3] [4], multiple page protections[5], rampant sockpuppetry [6], [7], multiple 3RR blocks over several months, and several dozen reversions of a page within a few hours [8]. As administrators were called in for assistance, everyone agreed the situation was truly very, very lame.

Other templates[edit]

Jack Vance[edit]

Revert warring over the inclusion of the Wikipedia Biography Project template at the top of the talk page. Many breathless proclamations that this picture (previously part of the Wikipedia Biography Project template) was RACIST OMG and a direct attack on author Jack Vance.

John Vanbrugh[edit]

Should Template:Infobox Biography be used in this article? Is it ugly or not? Are the place and date of his birth and death important enough to be highlighted in a big box? Does a box which repeats information that is already in the article offer any substantial advantage? Do the wishes of those who wrote most of this featured article count for anything? Multi-sided edit war over these issues.

Template:WikiProject Computer science[edit]

58kb of talk page debate plus a user block over how to copyedit a two line statement.

Template:Castes and Tribes of the Punjab[edit]

92RR in five hours between two users.[9] After about 10 reverts, the war settles into an edit summary-less back and forth. See here.

Template:Crash series[edit]

Two editors contribute more than thirty reverts in two hours over whether Spyro is a part of the Crash Bandicoot universe or not. Tempers flare in Edit Summaries, but Talkpage contributions are mysteriously left unsigned.


Not two editors, but two ethnic groups of editors clashed on whether this stub template's icon should be a map, a flag, some other Cypriot symbol, or a combination of the three. This raged throughout a large number of Wikipedia's pages, including user talk pages, WikiProject Stub sorting, various Greece-, Turkey-, and Cyprus-related talk pages, and - of course - this template's talk page, where much of the evidence still resides. The template remains protected.