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MIT Press Journals is a scholarly publisher of over 30 journals in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Its journals include Daedalus, International Security, and Artificial Life. For more information, see their website.

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Example citation

<ref name="AJHE 2015">{{cite journal |last=Horwitz |first=Jill |last2=Polsky |first2=Daniel |journal=American Journal of Health Economics |date=Winter 2015 |volume=1 |issue=1 |title=Cross Border Effects of State Health Technology Regulation |doi=10.1162/AJHE_a_00005 |doi-access=free</ref>
  • Horwitz, Jill; Polsky, Daniel (Winter 2015). "Cross Border Effects of State Health Technology Regulation". American Journal of Health Economics. 1 (1). doi:10.1162/AJHE_a_00005.