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This page is designed to bring attention to general-interest maintenance backlogs. The current collaboration is publicized by editing the Template:wiki-week and Wikipedia:Maintenance collaboration of the week/current. This will feature the collaboration on the Community Portal, on user pages, and anywhere else these templates are used. We also try to make announcements on wiki community pages and IRC, and recommend edit summaries that will draw attention to the backlog.

Collaborations focus on the worst backlogs, and we try to set a specific goal that should take no more than a few months to reach.

Major collaborations[edit]

We are currently focusing on backlogs that are over 1,000 entries or 12 months.

These are in the order that they will be featured, unless otherwise requested.

  • Wikipedia:Neglected articles
    • Backlog: Tens of thousands of articles only edited by one person, back to Jan 2005
    • Goal: Review all single-editor articles up to 3 months ago


Sources for future collaborations[edit]

Ideas for future collaborations may be found, among other places, in: