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The Wikipedia Ministry of Truth(Minitruth) functions to remove lies or errors in Wikipedia. It is composed of two departments

Assessment:Identifies articles which contain harmful or erroneous information.

Mitigation:Correction of erroneous information (the migitation department also deals closely with the Ministry of Love when obvious threats to Wikipedia are found)


The Ministry of Truth is a closed project, those wishing to join may add a message to Nathanww's talk page

The process of participating in the Ministry of Truth involves simply following the instructions that will be sent to you upon approval of your application. This is simply a process to ensure that you are committed to fixing errors and lies placed by enemies of the wiki

When correcting errors, it is possible that you will be approached by individuals claiming that the original version is correct. Most oif these individuals are simply misinfgormed, and you can correct them with demonstrations such as the one below.


  • Let a and b be equal non-zero quantities
  • Multiply through by a
  • Subtract
  • Factor both sides
  • Divide out
  • Observing that
  • Combine like terms on the left
  • Divide by the non-zero b
  • Add 3 to each side

Some users, however, will claim that you are simply attempting to deceive or trick them. These users are enemies of the Wiki and should be reported immediately to Mintruth or Minlove


Members who show exceptional correction of errors can be awarded the "Champion of the Truth" or "Defender of the Wiki" barnstar. The "Champion of the Truth" barnstar is currently under development.