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This lists the most smartest decisions in the history of the Wikimedia movement. Candidates for the list have been nominated for many years, and the Top Ten decisions were finally ranked in July 2013.

Top 10 Most Smartest decisions[edit]

The top ten are (in order from best to almost best):

  1. VisualEditor
  2. VisualEditor
  3. VisualEditor
  4. VisualEditor
  5. <nowiki/>VisualEditor
  6. <nowiki>[[VisualEditor]]</nowiki> [[File:Visual_Edi
  7. VisualEd<nowiki/>itor
  8. V<nowiki/>isualEditor
  9. Visual

  10. VisualEditor<nowiki/>

Other considerations[edit]

There are also plans to write a VisualEditor which actually works, and because WYSIWYG editors are extremely complex to run on multiple web browsers, there is the possibility of assigning one more person to help (part-time), but that is still in the planning stages, and the growing consensus is, "If it's already broke, why fix it?"  and such.

Some have considered creating another product which does not work properly and could be even more confusing, such as garbling talk-pages and blocking typical discussions, as something which could interrupt the flow of ideas, delay the flow of news, or block the flow of information, but the product name has not yet been decided.[1] Previous work along these lines was insufficiently liquid. Update: The name FLOW has been selected for the new project to exterminate Talk pages.

  1. ^ This new interface look would make it exceptionally easy for new users to recognize that Wikipedia is not a forum.

Reception from Wikipedians[edit]

This section summarizes the reaction of many Wikipedians: "Huh?"

Other smartest decisions[edit]

It is possible the Image Filter was an even more smartest decision, with a serious chance of greatly increasing diversity in the online encyclopedia ecosphere. The switch from MonoBook to Vector as the default skin was also very smart; however, there is a critical loophole: users who prefer to view a page in MonoBook can switch their skin (or add ?useskin=monobook to the end of their URL when not logged in) - something the developers probably overlooked. Until this problem is patched, the default skin change probably won't make this list (except maybe an honorable mention.)


ULS  Done

VisualEditor  Done

Renaming users Pending

See also[edit]

  • wp:Consensus - a deprecated process in which decisions were made with meaningful participation from those affected before the decision was carried out