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Welcome, admins! This suite of pages documents common admin tasks and how to properly perform them. Administrative tools have been granted due to the trust the community has in you, so it's important you understand how they work before attempting to use them. Here you can learn about everything you can do, and some of the features you'll be able to test out in a safe environment without worry of causing disruption. Spending 15 or 20 minutes here may seem well worth it if it keeps you from ending up in the village stocks.

Please note that as an operator of an account with administrative privileges, you should review your user account security practices. You may also wish to subscribe to the Administrators' newsletter to stay up to date with relevant discussions and technology changes.


Some of these pages will provide you with a way to practice using the tools in an environment that will not harm the encyclopedia. Others simply document what you are able to do and their best practices.

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