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This is a set of guidelines open for comment. These guidelines are for reviewers in the WikiProject:Neutrality Project.


If you are at this page, you have an interest in reviewing articles for the Neutrality Project or are browsing.

In order to review articles for the Project, you must be well-versed in Wikipedia's Neutral Point of View Policy. This is almost essential - the ability to write in neutral prose is a must-have for Reviewers in this project.

Opening a Request[edit]

To take on a request, you should look at the page in question and assess your ability to re-write it into NPOV prose. If you think you can, simply move it to the Open Requests section, where you can close it later. This is for clerical purposes - it allows for better organisation of the page. Add the {{Accepted}} tag plus your signature.

NPOV checking Requests[edit]

Once opened, you can go to the page and re-write any POV sections in neutral prose. Any other POV content should be removed or made to be NPOV. If, after consideration, you feel as though you cannot handle the request, replace the {{Accepted}} tag with a {{Not done}} tag, with a comment as to why you are unable to complete the request. Leave it in the Open Requests section.

Closing Requests[edit]

If you feel satisfied with its neutrality, close the request by adding a {{Done}} tag, and it will be archived in a week.

Declining Requests[edit]

Even though our scope is quite broad, one thing we are NOT is a dispute resolution process. Any request pertaining to a page which is currently under dispute or is obviously a target for dispute resolution (ie. the page is unstable, edit warring, etc) should be politely referred to another forum for discussion.

Another thing we are not is a fact-checking project. We do not provide sources, and any such requests, including requests for comment on an article not relating to its NPOV should be referred to WP:RFC.

Stale Requests[edit]

If a request has not been commented on for a month, you may add the {{stale}} tag and timestamp {{09:09, 15 November 2007 (UTC)}}. It will be archived a week after the timestamp.


Here are some templates which can be used for dealing with comments.





{{Not done}}

Not done






{{stale|~~~~~}} adds a timestamp.