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Below is a list of basic checks that new page patrollers should perform on each page patrol in Wikipedia namespace.

Wikipedia namespace checklist

Common reasons for speedy deletion of new Wikipedia namespace pages:

  • G2: Pages consisting of test post. {{db-test}}
  • G6: Page unambiguously created in error. {{db-g6|rationale=page unambiguously created in error since (reason)}}

Note: The descriptions above are brief summaries of these speedy deletion criteria. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the exact criteria before tagging a page for speedy deletion. See WP:CSD.

Page specific check list:

  • Wikipedia:
  • Essay pages - (i) is it instead a strictly personal viewpoint about Wikipedia or does not contain enough advice or opinions (User essay); (ii) does it supplement or clarify communal consensus through impartiality (Information page) - (see WP:WES)
  • "Fun" pages - judge on a case by case basis; consider userfying
  • Wikipedia:Ambassadors -
  • Wikipedia:Articles for creation - Normally pages should be created under "Wikipedia talk:Articles for creation".
  • Wikipedia:Articles for deletion page - Is the nomination in the Articles for deletion page complete?- If someone else besides the AfD nom posted on the page, then the nomination likely is complete. If only the nom has posted 1. Check "What links here" - the article page should be linked and a Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/ page should be listed as (transclusion); 2. Was {{subst:afd2}} used to post the nomination (Step II. see WP:AFDHOWTO)? Fix these as needed.
  • Wikipedia:Featured list candidates -
  • Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates -
  • Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion - Check to see whether the page is transcluded
  • Wikipedia:Peer review - Check to see whether the page is transcluded
  • Wikipedia:Requests for feedback -
  • Wikipedia:School and university projects -
  • Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations - Check to see whether a sockpuppet created the page.
  • Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost - Signpost editors will usually remove any unneeded or bogus articles from this space
  • Wikipedia:WikiProject - Subpage proposals for WikiProjects sometimes need to be transcluded to a higher-up page. If only the noms post is on the page, check "What links here" to see if the page was transcluded.

General check list

  • Does the page qualify for speedy deletion? - If so, usually {{db-test}} will be the appropriate template to add to top of the page. Also, notify the page creator. Generally see WP:CSD.
  • Is the page in the wrong namespace (e.g. an article in Wikipedia namespace) - can simply be moved and then tag the redirect for speedy deletion using {{db-reason}} using the reason: Redirect left after a cross-namespace move - G6 Housekeeping. Notify the author of the original page of the cross-namespace move.
  • Does the page belong on Wikipedia? If you think the page qualifies for deletion, follow How to list pages for deletion at MfD. If an experienced editor posted the page, consider asking about the Wikipedia namespace page before listing it at MfD.
  • Is the page categorized? If the page is not assigned to any categories, add some appropriate categories to the bottom of the page. It is usually fairly easy to find at least one appropriate category.