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Articles by Lankiveil[edit]

For the purposes of creating these articles, I created the alternate account User:Joe A. Endicott. I deliberately left the user page empty in order to blend in with other newbie accounts. I will refer to this account as "Joe" in the following.


Tarn adams[edit]

Article on a computer programmer, perhaps notable for designing the game Dwarf Fortress. The article was not wikified and improper capitalisation was used in the title, but these are errors that can be easily fixed. There is a couple of pieces of news coverage for this person easily located on Google. Ideally, I'd have liked to see the article either expanded, or redirected to Dwarf Fortress. Instead, it was nominated after 19 minutes by User:Porchcrop. Joe posted a hangon on the talk page and protested that Adams had been featured in the German media, and linked to one of the news stories I found above. This did not stop User:Tnxman307 from deleting the article, 55 minutes after initial creation.

A notice was posted at the original tagging on Joe's talkpage by User:Porchcrop, but there was no followup. The article was not an A7, having an assertion of importance, and provided media sources. At the very least it should have been de-tagged and sent to AFD or PRODded instead.

Raymond Arthur Gripper[edit]

Article on a professional cricketer who played for the Rhodesia cricket team. Article most definitely met WP:ATHLETE, for one, but User:Unioneagle tagged it as A7 within one minute of creation. In my mind, this was flatly incorrect and symptomatic of the lazy way that A7 is applied. User:PMDrive1061 then deleted it twelve minutes after creation, also citing A7. A notice was posted on Joe's talkpage informing him of the initial speedy deletion tagging.

I found later that an article on this person already existed at Ray Gripper; but that article was created by an experienced user and seems to have slipped under the radar. A redirect from Raymond Arthur Gripper to Ray Gripper would have been an acceptable course of action, in my mind.

I didn't notice that this athlete played for a professional team On second review this article clearly meets WP: ATHLETE. I suggest using an under construction/in use tag in the future. Thanks!Unioneagle (talk) 02:33, 7 December 2009 (UTC)

Beatrice Lane, Brisbane[edit]

Article on a minor roadway in the Brisbane CBD. Was PROD-ded by User:Rcawsey, which seems to be a reasonable course of action, but no message was posted on Joe's talk page to alert him to the tagging.

Gerard Skibbow[edit]

Article on a minor fictional character from the Night's Dawn series of books. Oddly enough, this slipped right under the radar and didn't seem to get any attention at all. Joe blanked the article after a couple of days and User:Allen3 correctly blanked the article as G7, rather than warning Joe for vandalism as I've seen happen a few times.


I found most of the taggings to be quite poor, and if Joe had been a real newbie, I'm sure he wouldn't be feeling particularly charitable towards the site after the above. It is worth noting that the two articles that got the harshest treatment were BLPs, I don't know if this was a coincidence or not. It does seem that there is a lot of confusion as to what articles are eligible for A7 though, which more or less matches my own observations when processing CSDs that there are more A7 mistaggings than correct taggings.