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This is a proposal for Non-admin protection, a way of ending edit wars without the intervention of a sysop. VeryVerily
The proposed method is based on the now deleted Template:Pseudoprotected.

Normally, edit wars can only be stopped when one user gives up or an administrator protects the page. Often two editors will simply revert back and forth until a neutral admin shows up to lock the page. This proposed alternative allows non-admin protection, a way for one of the disputant editors to voluntarily cease and put up a notice with a similar effect to protection. Such a tactic requires an agreement by others to not disturb the page until the issue is resolved. Failing that, "real" protection may be required.

To "pseudo-protect" a page, simply add the notice


to the top of the disputed article.

This will create the notice

Do not stick the template while reverting to "your" version of the page: as with normal protection, the point of pseudo-protection is not to express support for any particular version of the page, but rather to let the reader know that there is a dispute between different versions and allow her to get an overview of the controversy by reviewing the talk page and article history.

Like normal protection, it is hoped that pseudo-protection will be temporary.

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