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The following guideline is a clarification of Wikipedia:Notability (people), and outlines criteria to determine the notability of journalists, for including articles on them in the Wikipedia. While the notability guideline for people has general criteria, this subset focuses on criteria most suitable to people in the journalistic field. Journalists are different from authors and actors in that they don't usually have outside sources reviewing their work, except for the occasional award.

Valid criteria[edit]

A journalist may be demonstrated as notable by meeting the central notability criterion, which is that the subject has been covered by multiple sources which are independent of the article subject and are reliable. Journalists may also be notable for other reasons including:

  1. The subject is a senior staff writer, editor, or columnist (sports, arts and entertainment, etc.) at a major news source including:
  2. Subject is a main personality on a notable regional, national, or international news telecast or radio show (such as CNN, BBC, or NPR)
  3. The subject is the writer of a nationally syndicated column (such as Dear Abby)

Invalid criteria[edit]

The following reasons should not be considered in the determination of a journalist's notability:

  1. One or few contributions to a news source
    Reason: This could allow non-journalists who have had an article published to be considered notable
  2. Minor staff writer or minor columnist
    Reason: This would include far too many journalists, even with WP:NOT#PAPER
  3. Contributes only to a blog
    Reason: Anyone with internet access can start a blog

See also[edit]

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