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OOK Directory

Below is a list of the key pages related to the Outline of Knowledge, along with their shortcuts.

The shortcuts for their talk pages is the same, except that they start with "WT:" instead of "WP:".

Parent project[edit]

Pagename Shortcuts
Portal:Contents talk - (Wikipedia's contents system) WP:0, WP:START
  Wikipedia:WikiProject Contents talk - WP:WPCONT

Where to find outlines[edit]

Pagename Shortcuts
Portal:Contents/Outline of knowledge talk - (the topmost outline page) WP:2, WP:OOK
  Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of Knowledge/Projected outline talk - WP:PROL
  Category:Outlines talk -

Relevant guidelines[edit]

Pagename Shortcuts
Wikipedia:Lists talk - (outlines are a type of list) WP:LISTS
  Wikipedia:Stand-alone lists talk - (outline pages are a type of stand-alone list) WP:STAND
    Wikipedia:Outlines talk - (guidelines and instructions) WP:OUTLINE
      Format of the first sentence (present the subject's name, bolded) WP:BOLDTITLE, MOS:BOLDTITLE
      Wikipedia:Why do we have outlines in addition to...? talk - WP:OLWHY
      Wikipedia:Comparison of Wikipedia's and Britannica's outlines of knowledge talk - WP:OOKCOMP
Wikipedia:Categories, lists, and navigation templates talk - (explains redundancy, and compares) WP:CLN
Wikipedia:Content forking talk - (sometimes cited as the reason to oppose OOK or an outline page) WP:CFORK

OOK project pages[edit]

Pagename Shortcuts
Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of Knowledge talk - WP:WPOOK
  Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of Knowledge/Newsletter talk - WP:OOKNL
  Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of Knowledge/Projected outline talk - WP:PROL
  Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of Knowledge/Helpful tips talk - WP:OOKHT
    Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of Knowledge/open tasks talk -
    Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of Knowledge/What's missing? talk -
  Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of Knowledge/Watchlist talk - WP:OOKW
    Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of Knowledge/Watchlist using Related changes talk - WP:OOKRC
  Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of Knowledge/Outreach talk - WP:OOKOUT
    Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of Knowledge/WikiProject outreach talk -
    Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of Knowledge/Contests talk -
    Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of Knowledge/Hall of Fame talk - WP:WPOOKHALL
  Wikipedia:WikiProject Outline of Knowledge/List of discussions concerning outlines talk - WP:OOKDISC


{{WikiProject Outline of knowledge}} - (placed on talkpages of all Outlines)
{{Outline footer}} - (placed at bottom of all Outlines)
{{Outline}} - (creates a hatnote [disputed usage per WP:HATNOTE]. see also {{Outline placer}} - unused)
{{Outline of knowledge coverage}} - (for main articles covered by an outline, talkpage banner)
{{Outline of knowledge coverage WPT}} - (for country WikiProjects covered by an outline, talkpage banner)
{{Outline generator}} - (template for outline creation)
  {{Outline country}} - (template for outline creation)
  {{Outline U.S. State}} - (template for outline creation)
{{Outline nav footer}} - (project navigation)