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Welcome to the Submarines group, a.k.a. Operation Nautilus, an initiative of the Military history WikiProject.

Purpose and scope

This group is dedicated to improving the quality of submarine-related topics and articles. In the long term, we hope to create one of the largest featured topics on Wikipedia. All articles related to submarines, with the exception of ships sunk by submarines, are in the scope of this group. Included are:

  • submarine class articles,
  • submarine articles, submarine type articles,
  • articles on battles in which submarines took part,
  • submarine engine articles,
  • submarine innovation articles,
  • articles on treaties or conferences regarding submarines,
  • submarine weaponry articles, and
  • submarine tactics articles.


Active members

Inactive members

Inactive members are those who have not edited actively on the subject of submarines in the last month. If you have decided to repent of your mistake in ceasing to improve submarine articles (humor intended, not sarcasm), please move your name back up to the Active members section.

Origins of the name

This project is named after multiple things named 'nautilus.' Firstly and foremost, this project is named after the first nuclear powered submarine, the USS Nautilus (SSN-571). Secondly, the project is named after one of the most able mariners of the ocean deeps, the nautilus. And lastly, the project is named after the ancient mariner, ναυτίλος, the sailor.

Articles in scope

Submarines Topic

41 articles
C-Class article Submarine
Portal Submarine

C-Class article Submarine

Start-Class article Ballistic missile submarine
C-Class article Cruise missile submarine
B-Class article Merchant submarine
C-Class article Midget submarine
Stub-Class article SSG (hull classification symbol)
Start-Class article SSK (hull classification symbol)
C-Class article SSN (hull classification symbol)
B-Class article U-boat
List-Class article List of Austro-Hungarian U-boats
A-Class article SM U-14 (Austria-Hungary)

Unknown-Class article List of submarines of England

B-Class article Vanguard class submarine

Start-Class article List of U-boats of Germany

Good article German Type UB I submarine (Good topic Good topic)
Start-Class article German Type UC I submarine
Start-Class article German Type U 151 submarine
Good article German Type U 66 submarine (Good topic Good topic)
Featured article SM U-66
Good article German Type IXA submarine (Good topic Good topic)
Good article German submarine U-37 (1938)
Good article German submarine U-38 (1938)
Good article German submarine U-39 (1938)
Good article German submarine U-40 (1938)
Good article German submarine U-41 (1939)
Good article German submarine U-42 (1939)
Good article German submarine U-43 (1939)
Good article German submarine U-44 (1939)
C-Class article Type 206 submarine
B-Class article Type 209 submarine
Unknown-Class article List of submarines of the Soviet Union
Start-Class article Leninets class submarine
Start-Class article Typhoon class submarine
Start-Class article Yasen class submarine

List-Class article List of submarines of the United States Navy

Start-Class article George Washington class submarine
A-Class article USS Triton (SSRN-586)
Stub-Class article Ethan Allen class submarine
Featured list List of Ohio class submarines

Featured article Ehime Maru and USS Greeneville collision
Featured article Nyon Conference

Open tasks

Cleanup needed 
Midget submarineCruise missile submarineOhio-class submarineBGM-109 Tomahawk
Requested articles 
Submarine mineTraining submarineCruiser submarineMinelayer submarineCoastal submarine
Citations needed 
List of NATO reporting names for submarinesBenjamin Franklin class submarine
Expansion needed 
Soviet submarine L-3USS Francis Scott Key (SSBN-657)James Madison class submarineGerman Type U 151 submarine
Re-structuring needed 
Images needed 
Torpedo tube
Articles under review 
None at present
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