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This collaboration has formally ended as of Mar 29th, 2018. The page is kept for historical reasons. Doc James (talk · contribs · email) 22:28, 29 March 2018 (UTC)

This is the project page for the partnership with medical education provider Osmosis.


The Osmosis team focuses on medical education. They have a video series introducing technical medical topics for a general audience. The series is licensed CC-BY SA and they are donating these to Wikipedia for use on popular medical articles.


The goal of this project is to enhance highly-viewed articles with rich and instructive media, to improve reader understanding and engagement of the medical topics they are learning about.

Pilot plan[edit]

  1. Jake will document the pilot plan (this page)
  2. James will introduce this concept and sample videos to Wiki Project Medicine
  3. WikiProject Medicine will decide if the video content, quality, and type is appropriate for a pilot on 10-50 articles.
  4. James will work with Rishi to identity most-needed videos for popular articles (use mobile pageview data and v:1.0 tool)
  5. Kyle and Tanner will upload the videos to commons using a compatible format with complete metadata and useful descriptions
  6. Fil will assist Kyle in uploading translated subtitles to videos on commons, and place the videos in the first sections of non-English articles (but below the infobox) as appropriate
  7. James and other medical editors will place the videos in the first sections of articles (but below the infobox) as appropriate
  8. Osmosis will track video views and traffic and report back on changes
  9. Additionally, Osmosis will add an edit/comment link to their internal teaching tools which incorporate embedded Wikipedia content
  10. Future opportunities may explore using Osmosis learning tools (flash cards/quizzes)


Videos on Commons.[1]

Central list of issues[edit]

Please use this page for a central list of issues with videos: Wikipedia:Osmosis/Issues.

Pending scripts[edit]

The next videos to be made are listed here Wikipedia:WikiProject_Medicine/Osmosis so that people can give feedback before they are produced.



  • James Heilman, volunteer from Wiki Project Med Foundation / WikiProject Medicine
  • Rishi, Osmosis
  • Kyle, Osmosis
  • Tanner, Osmosis
  • Fil, Osmosis
  • Sylvia Ventura, WMF Strategic Partnerships
  • Jake Orlowitz, WMF Community Engagement