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Past Masters

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The Past Masters database is a collection of definitive scholarly editions of canonical authors' work published by InteLex Corporation. Each work includes an extensive introduction, editorial commentary on textual editing choices, and footnotes contextualizing the work. They vary in depth and type from text to text.

We have access to two of their ten collections in this initial pilot: The Women Writer's Collection and The Religious Studies Collection. We expect the sources to be useful for individuals interested in expanding the articles about individual works by the authors in the collection and the biographies of the authors as well as the women's, philosophical and religious topics in which the authors were engaged.

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Example citation

<ref>{{cite book |last=Shelley | first=Mary Wollstonecraft | authorlink=Mary Shelley | title=The Journals of Mary Shelley, 1814–1844|edition=electronic | editor1-last=Feldman | editor1-first=Paula R. | editor2-last=Scott-Kilvert | editor2-first=Diana | year=2004 | isbn=978-1-57085-608-2 | publisher=InteLex Corporation | location= Charlottesville, Virginia, US |url-access=subscription |url=}}</ref>
  • Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft (2004). Feldman, Paula R.; Scott-Kilvert, Diana (eds.). The Journals of Mary Shelley, 1814–1844 (electronic ed.). Charlottesville, Virginia, US: InteLex Corporation. ISBN 978-1-57085-608-2.