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Wikipedia has over 1900 articles that could use pictures of medical topics. This essay describes how to use journals, Commons, Flikr, and other resources to find them.


To find articles with image requests, see this category. To add an article to the list, copy and paste {{Image requested|date=October 2016|medical subjects}} on the talk pages of medical articles needing pictures.

Journals, Commons, and what you can do[edit]

Open-access journals using Wikimedia-compatible licenses (e.g. those from BioMed Central or PLOS) have images and media that can be uploaded onto Wikimedia Commons, where they can be located via journal or publisher categories, which are used for indexing. Another option are topic categories there, e.g. commons:Category:Lipoma. These categories are currently (as of November 2012) being reworked (mainly by distributing their contents into more specialized subcategories - e.g. commons:Category:GTP-binding proteins and subcategories thereof) in order to accommodate the multimedia files (9k so far) brought in by the Open Access Media Importer. Help with that would be appreciated - for instance, most of the imported files (and some of the categories created along the way) still need category review, and many topics still miss interwiki links to and from Commons. If an article contains multimedia files relevant for Wikipedia, it is likely to have a few useful images, text bits or references too. See also commons:Category:Open access (publishing).

Try also the Free Image Search Tool to find images on Flickr and other web sites.

List of journals[edit]

All journals in the list of journals with a SPARC Europe seal are compatible with reuse on Wikimedia projects.


The NIH has an search engine for open images here that are from journals. Use with care.

Other resources[edit]

Topic Source url Permission required Comments
Medicine Memorable cases [1] No For high quality images contact Doc James
ECGs ECGPedia [2] Obtained per here Agree to release many of the ECGs under a creative commons 3.0 license
Echos EchoPedia [3] Obtained per here Agree to release many of the ECHOs under a creative commons 3.0 license
PCI PCIPedia [4] Obtained per here Agree to release many of the PCI images under a creative commons 3.0 license
Radiology Radiopaedia [5] For some images general at radiopaedia dot org
MedPix Radiology [6] Permission required james-smirnio at usuhs dot mil
Health Center for Disease Control [7] No
Parasites Center for Disease Control [8] No
Cancer National Cancer Institute [9] Most are copyrighted
Science Images included in any PLoS article [10] No
Science BioMed Central [11] Some images may be used per [12]
General Creative Commons Flickr [13] No Pending on the license (CC-BY; CC-BY-SA and PD are usable)
General Wikimedia Commons commons:Main Page No
Ophthalmology UMich [14] No A collection of ophthalmology images
Pathology Ed Uthman [15] No
General Hardin's collection [16] No
ENT Dr T. Balu's Otolaryngology [17] Pending discussion

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