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If you are finding it hard returning to Wikipedia:Recovering from Wikipediholism, why not set a little reminder for yourself so that every hour on the hour, you are forced to go to that page.

This little Javasript is called annoyMe, I found it on MediaZilla somewhere. Thanks to whoever made it. Anyway, just insert this into your Javascript page. Look for your ⧼Skin⧽ in this list and copy the code in.


The Code[edit]

// annoyMe
function annoyMe() {
  var time = +(new Date());
  var remainder = time % annoy.freq;
  if ( remainder < annoy.duration ) return rileMeUp( annoy.duration - remainder );
  annoy_runOnce( function() { rileMeUp( annoy.duration ); }, annoy.freq - remainder );

function rileMeUp( length ) {
  for (var i=0; i<document.links.length; ++i) {
  annoy_runOnce( deRile, length );

function deRile() {
  for (var i=0; i<document.links.length; ++i) {
  annoy_runOnce( function() { rileMeUp( annoy.duration ) }, annoy.freq - annoy.duration );

  freq: 1000*60*60,
  duration: 1000*60, 
  target: '' 
addOnloadHook( annoyMe );

window.annoy_runOnce=function(f, time) {
  var i=annoy_runOnce.timers.length;
  var ff = function () { clearInterval(annoy_runOnce.timers[i]); f() };
  var timer=setInterval(ff, time);

The Bug Page[edit]

Credit goes here for this awesome code! Cheers to Lupin.