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Welcome to the Wikipedia Science Reference Desk Archives
The page you are currently viewing is a monthly archive index. While you can leave answers for any questions shown below, please ask new questions on one of the current reference desk pages.

May 1[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 1

  1. If I can smell something is it losing mass?
  2. Mr Frosty (is such fun; he makes treats for everyone)
  3. Using napalm in a car instead of gasoline
  4. vitreous humor
  5. Andromeda...
  6. Comets and Aristotle
  7. Impedance matching between transmission lines
  8. Male and female bell peppers?

May 2[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 2

  1. Did the Inflationary epoch create time?
  2. Backup CF card
  3. Water in solar system planets
  4. Plant Intelligent/ brain theory
  5. Maintain Hot Water
  6. Rhizobium spp. for pea/beans vs. clovers/alfalfa ?
  7. Yeast vs bacterial culture
  8. Image focus distance of relaxed eye lens
  9. Silicagel (orange to clear indicating) high temperature

May 3[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 3

  1. Did been a quantums in a low temperature?
  2. The myth of endodontic pain
  3. Why are physics texts often lax with integral notation?
  4. Matlab
  5. caffeine in shampoo
  6. Что хуже?
  7. Is it been real a protoplasm electric transformer
  8. Bird song identification, Baltimore MD

May 4[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 4

  1. Immoplex glandular
  2. What's the difference between Supernova 1a and a Nova?
  3. What is it been a electromagnetic induction?
  4. Scientific publishing/communication and language
  5. RNAses in tissue culture
  6. Help identifying a bee/wasp
  7. Science memes
  8. Tamest, most docile pet?
  9. Do people kill more often in their families or outside?

May 5[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 5

  1. Aviation rumble
  2. Concentrated Sun-blackbody equilibrium temperature
  3. Vacuum tube filament conditions
  4. Vegetable wash and pesticide residue in produce
  5. Scientific names
  6. Medium-Chain Triglycerides preservation

May 6[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 6

  1. is anything harder than diamonds? if not, why not?
  2. Superconductor question
  3. Freeze-thaw damage of molecules
  4. Home-made versus store-bought water for tissue culture
  5. Aerogel - Compressive strength

May 7[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 7

  1. legal, medical...electrical? Why are my lights flickering???
  2. Three Pairs of Legs
  3. 1,2-Dichloroethene and chloro(fluoro)amine
  4. Meaning of micro
  5. Adult-onset h(a)emophilia
  6. Organic chemistry

May 8[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 8

  1. is Occam's Razor the only thing propping the Big Bang theory up?
  2. natural selection
  3. Light sensitive element
  4. CDC
  5. SCID gene therapy, retrovirus, leukaemia

May 9[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 9

  1. Force-Vector Diagrams (i.e. force calculations)
  2. How precisely can you measure a position on Earth without GPS?
  3. What happens when our bodies get colder?
  4. Have scientists determined the optimal number of hours since you've woken up to do important things?

May 10[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 10

  1. A parachute for a plane
  2. Schizophrenia
  3. Balloon in Virginia
  4. Lactulose and cavities
  5. Are their any substances which do the inverse of Transitions lenses?
  6. What's the slickest solid to bubbles?
  7. Can someone identify this plant please?
  8. Suitable insulating material for end of hair curling iron
  9. Thermal resistance of tungsten-molybdenum alloy
  10. Astronomy help request
  11. A question to sink your teeth into
  12. Commercialisation of Engineering
  13. How a switch button works?

May 11[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 11

  1. Rings and moons
  2. Dove Offspring?

May 12[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 12

  1. I keep cracking my joints
  2. Lifting legs and blood pressure
  3. Work done
  4. Resting eyes by closing
  5. What is the current scientific position on the issue of race supported by American anthropologist and biologists?
  6. Google Maps, the Red River and the Texas/Oklahoma border
  7. A/C efficiency
  8. Question about Penis Transplantation
  9. First moment of area calculations

May 13[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 13

  1. light dependent and light independent reactions in photosynthesis
  2. phoebe fledging
  3. Building an ice-dam.
  4. Why doesn't Huntington's disease burn itself out?
  5. Reliable biography of Nikola Tesla
  6. Typhoid Mary

May 14[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 14

  1. HCV
  2. Biochem question
  3. Cannabis and lung cancer
  4. How do portable (not window) A/C units work ?
  5. Static discharge - where is the charge held and how does it get conducted?

May 15[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 15

  1. old steel bike frame compromised due to cold temperatures?
  2. Bipedalism
  3. an illustration for the standard model of particle physics
  4. Engineering disciplines

May 16[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 16

  1. Patterns That Change When Tilted
  2. radical surgery on antarctic ice using lasers
  3. Staged fire alarms
  4. Why aren't magnets used to make pushing colenoids?
  5. wage slavery around the world

May 17[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 17

  1. University/college life
  2. fusion as a resource?
  3. Did a kreagenny sleep been real
  4. Is "swimming is far more efficient than walking" like StuRat says above?
  5. Is sweating (in mammals) secretion or excretion?

May 18[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 18

  1. Incandescent light bulb color
  2. How long would the TGV take to stop?
  3. Propagation of extremely high frequency sound in air
  4. Breast shrinkage
  5. Sunset time and darkness

May 19[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 19

  1. Games that computers can't play
  2. How German homes are built
  3. How does knowing the gene for a disease help you treat the disease?
  4. Is it true that RNA helix viruses mutate faster than DNA helix viruses?
  5. Inconspicuous transport by sea
  6. Is it true that blood glucose can change your eye prescription if you wear glasses?
  7. Creatures with 3 pairs of limbs
  8. Drug tests, "cleansing"

May 20[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 20

  1. Efficacy of vaccines
  2. Identifying a bird
  3. Projectile dynamics
  4. Musical instruments
  5. Metric prefix
  6. Gay parenting vs heterosexual parenting

May 21[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 21

  1. What type of tree is this?
  2. Pick proof lock
  3. LASIK surgery
  4. Synovial fluid agonist?
  5. Identification of an Electronic Componenet
  6. Eye scream [stolen eyes and retinal scans]
  7. Hammering a nail

May 22[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 22

  1. Quitting Smoking and Weight Gain
  2. Genetic engineering to alter genes
  3. I have -4 power in my left eye but almost neutral in my right eye. If i stop to use the spectacle then what problem may arise ?
  4. Persistance of Electromagnetic radiation
  5. 3D printers
  6. Self-detonating buildings

May 23[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 23

  1. Effect of hydrogen on electrical resistivity of metals
  2. [ Dihydrogen monoxide]
  3. Deep red color becomes faint orange in digital camera picture :(

May 24[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 24

  1. What's the best non-supernatural explanation for Lourdes and Fatima?
  2. The scientific community's past and present views on the observation that most animals, as a general rule, supposedly have the same number of heartbeats
  3. Depression and memory loss
  4. Using liquid nitrogen as a source of nitrogen gas
  5. Alternative energy
  6. Cyclophosphamide

May 25[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 25

  1. Which is good AC or Fan for our health?
  2. Trillions of plastic fragments in Arctic ice
  3. What polymer is formed from phthalic acid and ethylene glycol?
  4. Fan housing
  5. Reverse tomography for 3D "printing"
  6. Professional athletes

May 26[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 26

  1. Example of a distributed parameter system
  2. What can be taken to heal mouth ulcer?
  3. Banana worms

May 27[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 27

  1. Synthesising milk in bioreactors?
  2. Cosmic Microwave Background radiation
  3. Gull knows how to turn on tap/faucet to get water?
  4. light bulb air conditioning savings?
  5. Zone heating/area heating
  6. Why are fruits classified as living things?
  7. Masturbation/ejaculation and hormone levels.

May 28[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 28

  1. X:A ratio
  2. Radiation exposure
  3. Down's Syndrome and obesity
  4. Why were the stellar nursery clouds spinning in the first place?
  5. Native aluminum
  6. What the typical man's and woman's voices sound like. Disagree?

May 29[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 29

  1. Cats drinking
  2. How do doves and pigeons make their vocalizations?
  3. Binary problems with Kepler 64
  4. Beyond cementite
  5. USRDA values for sodium in canned veggies
  6. Time it takes for cigarettes to catch fire longer or shorter than time it takes to catch fire from matches?

May 30[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 30

  1. Hair follicles
  2. Insect identification
  3. Flouride
  4. Optimum speed for an automotive alternator
  5. How was it possible to destroy treasure in a bonfire?
  6. Why do animal babies scream?
  7. bottled water
  8. dream recall

May 31[edit]

Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Science/2014 May 31

  1. Are battery capacities going up or stagnant?
  2. fractals
  3. moons affect on sea level
  4. Transmitting information faster than the speed of light
  5. Calculating the top speed of a car given its power, drag coefficient, and cross-sectional area
  6. horseshoes