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Requests for Feedback
  • This page provides comments and constructive criticism about articles that you have drafted, created, or substantially changed.
  • This is not a general help page. To seek assistance or ask a question, see Wikipedia:Questions.
  • If you are seeking an outside opinion about a dispute, please follow the steps in Wikipedia:Dispute resolution.
  • Please note that this page is patrolled by volunteer editors just like you and it may take several days to review your request.
Before you request feedback

There are certain things which come up again and again so it may help if you deal with them before requesting feedback:

If you would like a beginner's guide to these sorts of issues, take a look at the article wizard.

If you are unsure about how to edit Wikipedia articles, take a look at this tutorial.

For a more general discussion of writing your first article, see "Your first article".

How to post a request
  1. Place a Wikilink, with the title of the page inside [[ and ]] - for example, [[User:Example/Lipsum]] or [[Cats]] - in the box below.
  2. Click Click To Add Request
  3. In the new article, Write a brief summary of your work or what in particular you need help with, but do not post the whole article here.
  4. If you have rewritten an existing article, you may wish to provide a diff link from that article's history that shows your changes.
  5. Check regularly for responses to your request; they will most often be made here.

Post your request using the box below. Replace "Untitled" with a wikilink to your article - e.g. [[User:Example/Lipsum]] or [[Cats]]

After Receiving Feedback
  1. Check back here often, as you will receive a response here.
  2. Respond to the feedback, either with a simple thank you, to ask for help with anything mentioned, or, after you've made some of the improvements, what they think of them.
  3. Consider helping out here in the future - anyone can read up on what articles should be like and provide constructive criticism.
Are you providing feedback?
  • Please consider notifying the user whose article you are providing feedback for by placing a message on their talk page, so they will be able to read it in a timely manner and reply if necessary. You can use..
    • {{Feedbackreply}} A standard template asking the user to check back here and consider responding
    • {{Feedbackreply-sm}} A simpler version of the first which notifies the user you've provided feedback
    • {{Feedbackreply-alt}} A more personal version of the first offering your help with developing, moving to mainspace, etc.
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