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XChat wikilinks script[edit]

This Python script for XChat replaces links like this: [[de:Linux]] with the corresponding URL, when either you or someone else types them. It requires XChat 2.0.6 or later.

To install it, copy the text below and save it into a file called in your xchat directory and then restart XChat, or load it via the menu Window -> Plugins and Scripts....

On Unix-based systems, your XChat directory is most likely at ~/.xchat or ~/.xchat2.

On Windows systems before Windows Vista, your XChat directory is at C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\X-Chat 2\. On systems running Windows Vista or later, try C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\XChat\addons.

If you don't want it to replace text which you type, then place a # at the beginning of the line EVENTS.append(("Your Message", 1)), and reload the plugin with the Window -> Plugins and Scripts... menu, if it is already loaded.

The script code is available at a page in its author's userspace.

If you receive an error to the effect of "so and so is not an ASCII character", add the line "# coding=utf-8" to the head of the script.

XChat regex stalkwords[edit]

m:User:Mike.lifeguard/ is a Perl script for XChat which allows you to have regex stalkwords, which gets around a bug. See the talk page for installation